corona info

We do everything for your safety and ours

Here at Sønderballe Strand Camping, we keep up to date on the situation in relation to Covid-19, and we follow all the state-announced instructions and guidelines, and we therefore also update regularly in relation to any new announcements.

You may need a stay away from home to get more space and air. Here, a stay with us can continue to be an option in the changed circumstances that currently exist.

We have introduced the following measures to prevent contagion:

  • We have hung up notes with information by the toilets and bathrooms to clarify the great focus on cleaning. We clean extra and also check the facilities regularly
  • We disinfect kitchens, toilets, bathrooms and bathrooms every day
  • We disinfect cash registers and Dankort terminals regularly
  • We disinfect surfaces in the reception area several times a day
  • We have hand sanitizer inside and outside the service buildings

In addition, the guidelines currently means that:

    • Access to lounges and playrooms is limited to 10 people at  a time

There will only be 2 people at a time in the kitchen. But remember the fewer the better ?

  • In our kitchens there is only access for 5 people at a time
  • In the reception / shop there is only access for 8 people at a time. 


We expect you to help us avoid contaigon by following the Danish Health and Medicines Authority’s announced guidelines.

  • Keep your distance
  • Limit physical contact (no hugs)
  • Good cough etiquette (Use disposable handkerchief or sleeve)
  • Good hand hygiene
  • Stay home in case of illness
  • Show consideration for the weak. Remember you can still be a carrier
  • Max 5 people gathered, both outside and inside.

You can find a complete overview here: 

If you are in quarantine or feel ill, we expect you to stay at home and also comply with the National Board of Health’s instructions.

We also encourage you to use the toilet in your caravan or camper as much as possible.

We hope for your understanding and encourage everyone to take good care of yourself and each other.

Thanks for the help.

Regards Mikkel and Camilla