Cycling and hiking in southern Jutland

many good bike and hiking routes

Do you love exploring nature?

With over 3000 km of cycle routes, Southern Jutland is the obvious holiday destination for cyclists. The area offers many safe bike paths and well-described bike routes.
At the reception we are happy to help you with exciting routes.
Remember that we at our reception have a manned Info-Point.

In addition, we are part of the South Jutland Bike-Friends. With us, you can get your bike fixed at our Bike Station, get air filled in the tires, get the depots filled up and enjoy the good view in the meantime.

If you need a place to stay overnight, we can always find a place for a small tent. 

MTB in Sønderjylland

If you are more into MTB, Sønderjylland can also participate. There are several routes in our local area, both Aabenraa MTB and Pamhule MTB.

In September 2022, the World Cup will be held in Haderslev and the surrounding area. It is even possible to try the route yourself!

Find much more inspiration here or call us.

Cycling on the Baltic Sea route | VisitSønderjylland (

Haderslev MTB Challenge 2022 – Haderslev 2022 MTB

Hiking in and around Southern Jutland

If you love hiking and experiencing nature up close, then Southern Jutland is just the place.
Paths through the flat marsh area in the west and the fjord area with tunnel valleys and the soft hills in the east.

If you are a guest at Sønderballe Strand Camping, we are happy to help with an overview of the many beautiful paths we have in the area. Some rigth by the campsite, others nearby, the trip may be a little longer but it just means more nature to enjoy.
It could be “Eat Sønderballe”, “Kalvø Rundt” and many beautiful trips on Løjt Land.
If you are on a trip on one of the larger routes through Southern Jutland, accommodation is also possible at our campsite.

Hiking in Sønderjylland | VisitSønderjylland (
Eat Sønderballe: Fruit trees and benches in the landscape (