Child-friendly camping

we do everything to ensure that children have a wonderful camping experience

Camping with children gives life and joy

We love children at our campsite. That’s why camping with children is a high priority.

We have 2 cool and fun playgrounds. It is centrally located on the campsite.
On one playground, there is a play ship with lifeboat and small slide, bird’s nest swing, regular swings, playpen and the large jumping pillow.

On the other playground, there is a large climbing tower with fire pole and slide, tractor, swings and a buried trampoline.

So kids, come and try it all out!

Our beach is very child-friendly. You can swim, build sand castles and catch crabs in buckets.

If the weather is teasing, we have a small children’s playroom where, in addition to football games, there is also a TV.

Nearby  there is a nice playground (Jump-A-lot)with lots of activities inside and out.

For those who are really brave and cool, High-Park is quite close, with climbing paths for all ages.